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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Contoh Percakapan Memakai Expressing Relief, Pain Dan Pleasure 1

< Contoh Percakapan Memakai Expressing Relief, Pain Dan Pleasure >
Andi     : Oh my God. It hurts me so much. Be careful boy! Ahhh.., I'm getting head aches..
Budi     : I’m so sorry, Sir. I’m in a hurry. I don’t accidentally. (sambil mngambil buku”yg jatuh, trs
  brdiri) Are you Ok Sir??
Andi     : I thought, I would die because of you. But, Doesn’t matter. Other times you have to be
Budi     : Yes, Sir..I’m sorry..Are you Mr. Andi??
Andi     : How do you know me?? Have we met before??
Budi     : No, we haven’t. I just ever saw you in a hotel when you were having a meeting, there.  
               Nice to meet you Sir.
Andi     : owh,I see.. Nice to meet you,too. What’s your name??
Budi     : My name’s Budi. Where will you go?
Andi     : I’ll go to the bus stop and go to the hospital. and you??
Budi     : I’ll collect my task to my lecture. What for you go there, sir??
Andi     : My wife is childbearing our first baby, I’m so worry about it.
Budi     : don’t worry, sir, All will be fine. I’m sure. (A's cellphone is ringing.)
Andi     : really?? Thank you very much, I can’t say how pleased I’m..
Budi     : what’s the news sir??
Andi     : my wife has childbeared, I have a son. That’s fantastic!!! Thanks God for that.
Budi      : Really?? It’s a great pleasure. Thanks goodness. Congratulation.
Andi     : ya, thank you so much. I’m glad everything’s running well. Aha! That’s the bus, i’m    
              sorry, I must go now. I hope, you’ll graduate with the best score.
Budi     : yes sir, Thanks. Be careful, and see you.
Andi     : see you..

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