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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Contoh Percakapan Memakai Expressing Relief, Pain Dan Pleasure 2

< Contoh Percakapan Memakai Expressing Relief, Pain Dan Pleasure >

Dialog 1
Andika        : What a terrible journey it is!
Andina        : Is there any problem with your journey my husband?
Andika        : Yes, I took  a flight from New York  to come here. When I were in the
    middle of the journey. My  plane struck a  turbulence . It shook hard
    and went down a couple of feet. My head hit the front  chair. Look! It is
    wounded. I feel headache and all my body is in pain.
Andina         : Thanks God. You are still  alive.
Andika        : Yes, thanks for the heaven. Fortunately, the pilots are the experienced  
     ones. They can handle the problems.
Andina         : Ok. Go to the bed and take a rest first.

Dialog 2
Karen         : Hi, … Sally. What’s wrong with you. You look so sad.
Sally            : Please, leave me alone.
Karen          : What’s the problem? Tell me.
Sally            : I can’t tell my pain in words.
Karen          : Oh, I guess. It must be about Josh . Am I right?

Dialog 3
Dea             : “Ouch!
Sally            : “What’s up, Dea?”
Dea             : “I have a headache.”
Sally            : “Poor you. I think you should take an aspirin.”
Dea             : “Yes, you are right. But I don’t have an aspirin. Can you buy me in the
Sally            : “All right. Wait a minute.”
Dea             : “Thanks Sally.”
Sally            : “You are welcome.”

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